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No more Migraines for Shanice

No more Migraines for Sarah


"The staff at Britton Chiropractic have genuine care and concern for their patients and the community. Thank you for all that you do!"

Stacia B.

"I've been coming to Dr. Britton for many years. I now drive from Sioux City every month for an adjustment and have no problems. He's helped me tremendously..."

Tom D.

"The office staff is always friendly and ready to help. Dr. Britton is accessible - easy to get an appointment, available for e-mail questions. He's a good guy too."

Risa H.

"I use Britton because it works! I come in with an issue with my back or neck, and by the time I leave it's gone. I'll never go anywhere else."

Sam G.

"I came into Britton Chiropractic for back issues, pain and shooting pain down my legs, headaches, and MORE HEADACHES. I have stayed with Britton Chiropractic! Not only has he helped in relieving my pain through great chiropractic are, but he has given me tools to use and how to take care of helping with my pain and tightness between appointments. I have deep respect for Britton Chiropractic and will continue to always give them my business because they are not about cracking your back and sending you on your way. They are about whole body health and are very knowledgeable about that."

Tausha B.

"I came in with back pain. They help with adjustments and regular treatments to feel better."

Jim H.

"Britton Chiropractic does things differently. They are very thorough, caring and go the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of!"

Jaci S.

"I have struggled with back and neck pain for years. After visiting several chiropractors, it wasn't until coming to Dr. Britton that I discovered I had scoliosis. Adjustments have become a necessary and welcome part of my life. My daughter was also diagnosed with scoliosis a few years ago. Our family physician wanted us to visit a specialist in Omaha to consider surgery or a back brace. After having seen Dr. Britton work wonders on my husband, I immediately brought my daughter here for treatments. I even have my dad coming here now. I advise everyone with back trouble to give Dr. Britton a chance!"

Misty B.

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