Nutrition is Vital to Health

Dr. Britton has dedicated hundreds of hours toward specializing in nutrition for his patients. Nutritional Therapy can be utilized for numerous situations from preventative care to actual treatment of different conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiometabolic Syndrome, Thyroid Dysfunction, Elevated Cholesterol, Chron’s Disease, IBS, Acid Reflux and so much more.

With Dr. Britton’s specialized assessments and knowledge, you too can find greater health through Natural and Safe approaches.


 The 24 Day Challenge is a very easy way to kick-start your way to greater health. Click Here for More Information


Helping You Make Lifestyle Changes to Improve Health

Everyone knows that eating right and staying in shape are important for overall health. But life’s everyday pressures—hectic schedules, work deadlines, family issues, etc.—can make it difficult to find the time for good nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest.

Whether you suffer from a lifestyle-related chronic disease, or have been advised by your doctor to eat right and exercise more, the FirstLine Therapy lifestyle medicine program can help.

Change Your Life and Change Your Health With Lifestyle Medicine

FirstLine Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle change, or lifestyle modification, program. Designed by health care professionals, FirstLine Therapy has been shown remarkably successful in helping individuals like you return to a path of extended health.

This is not a weight reduction program—it’s a disease reduction program. While weight loss often occurs, it’s only secondary to the primary goal helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body composition (lean-muscle-to-fat ratio) to improve health, manage disease, feel better, and reduce your risk to more serious conditions.

The Support You Need to Succeed

In truth, most doctors don’t have the time, skills, or resources to provide you with effective lifestyle counseling. And so their patients—even those at high risk of disease—are often left to “figure it out” by themselves.

FirstLine Therapy Is different. It’s structured with professional supervision to help you:

  • Establish realistic, personalized goals to improve health
  • Monitor your progress and help you stay on track
  • Learn how to eat and shop for healthy, nutritious foods that manage (not increase) cravings
  • Exercise in a way that builds muscle and gets rid of unwanted fat
  • Relax and manage unhealthy stress
  • Feel better and do more!

FirstLine Therapy is covered by most insurances! If your insurance does not cover the one-on-one visits with Dr. Britton to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, you can still participate in this amazing program. Call Our Office for more information!


Our society as a whole has problems with toxicity. It comes from our food with pesticides, herbacides, and even cleaning products. Toxicity comes from the air we breath and the things we touch on a day-to-day basis from hair product to plastics to, again, cleaning supplies – just to name a few. These toxins are another part of the STRESS our body has to deal with. We all know how it is – one little ‘stressor’ usually doesn’t cause us much grief; HOWEVER, you add up all the ‘little stressors’ and before you know it – we have ‘MAJOR STRESS’. We ALL also know that this STRESS DOES AFFECT OUR BODY (be it emotional, physical or chemical).

Traditional Chiropractic care does a tremendous job at helping problems with irritation onto the nervous system, muscles, and joints. Any ‘stress’ onto these areas can really cause many problems – not only pain, but generalized dysfunction for the muscle or joint. With stress on the Nervous System we can have even more troubles! (All organs – heart, lungs, stomach, liver, adrenal glands, intestines, etc – are controlled by there nervous system which travels through the spine. Chiropractic care alone can not take care of every ‘Stress’. If many of our stressors come from other chemical or emotional problems – then Chiropractic will simply be a band-aid – THAT’S THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER NUTRITION AND OCCASSIONAL DETOXIFICATION!

*****DO NOT START A DETOXIFICATION UNTIL SPEAKING TO Dr. Britton!***** There are many specifics that must be addressed with a proper detox program. ONE SIZE FITS ALL DOES NOT APPLY! Dr. Britton has the proper education to direct his patients at going through the detoxification program needed in your specific case.

The following are brief descriptions of what some of the types of detox programs are about and what the different systems focus on. EACH of the products are medical foods and have been researched extensively:

 estrium pic  Estrium was specifically formulated to support women throughout all phases of their adult lives. This program is utilized to help support balance of Estrogen specifically. Detoxifying our body of Estrogen (for both Women AND Men) is very important as our society as a whole is ‘over Estrogenated’. Unfortunately we actually become ‘toxic’ with the amounts of Estrogen in our system. This primarily comes from the different foods that we consume – especially those with pesticides applied (they use something called xenoestrogen to kill the bugs – also kills us). On the Estrium Program women have found 85% improvement of general physical symptoms, 66% reduction in PMS symptoms and 41% improvement of mental functioning scores.
ultrainflamx plus360 pic UltraInflamX 360 was specifically formulated to provide nutritional support for controlling and modulating inflammatory processes in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colities, IBS etc). Not only can this product help the inflammatory response in the bowls, but it also has the ability to decrease generalized inflammatory issues as noted within the research. 33% decrease in sedimentation rate (a measurement indicative of inflammation), 90% decrease in overall symptoms of intestinal distress.
ultraclear renew pic FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE. This medical food will hlep with pain and stiffness associated with fibromyalgia and other issues. The clinical studies have shown improved quality of life and INCREASED EXCRETION OF HEAVY METALS (such as mercury). This specific program is formulated to address altered pain signaling and neuromuscular function with additional support for heavy metal metabolism.
ultraglycemx pic This medical food allow for multi-mechanistic nutritional support to positively impact the function of the body for healthy insulin function. This product also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, supplies potent antioxidants to help protect againts oxidative stress and promotes healthy insulin metabolism. The research shows 14% Reduction in Triglycerides, 28% Reduction in fasting insulin, 36% Reduction in the 2 hour Postprandial Insulin testing. This science-based medical food is formulated to meet the specialized nutritional needs of patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Hypglycemia.
ultraclear plus ph pic UltraClear Plus pH medical food provides the same clinically tested macro- and micronutrient profile as UltraClear PLUS, with added nutrients to enhance Phase II detoxification activity and promote the excretion of toxins through the kidneys. Many individuals with compromised detoxification capacity have an altered urinary pH level, which can negatively influence the kidneys’ ability to eliminate toxins.